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English Resource Guide

English is one of the most important subjects for high school students to master. Building skills in English will prepare students for future academic endeavors. These skills will aid in composing college applications, preparing resumes and cover letters, and assisting in any career. Writing, reading and technical ability are all necessary everyday skills for adults. It is imperative that students study and practice English.


Grammar is one of the more difficult areas for high school students. There are plenty of rules for usage and it can be difficult for students to remember all the standards. However, taking practice quizzes and looking at common mistakes can help students achieve a solid grasp on grammar.

Interactive Grammar Quiz - This website features an interactive online quiz that tests the student’s knowledge of subject - verb agreement.

Grammar Conjunctions - An informative grammar fact sheet that features conjunctions (commonly taught in high school). This site is an excellent resource guide.

Online Writing Lab - This website is an excellent resource for high school students. Anyone interested in improving their grammar skills will benefit from this site. It contains instructions, presentations, and practice exercises to help build skills.

Common Grammar Mistakes - This website features a detailed list of the most common grammar mistakes made by college students. This is a helpful list for high school students that can illustrate what to avoid.

Basic Grammar Rules - A website that features basic grammar rules, helpful for anyone building grammar skills.


Punctuation may appear to be one of the easier components of English. However, as a high school student, it is important to expand upon your current punctuation skills. Students should try more complicated punctuation in their own writing. It will increase articulation in writing and help improve self-expression.

Punctuation Rules - This website is a detailed resource that provides important punctuation rules: periods, questions marks, exclamation marks, and quotation marks.

Using Punctuation - This website explains how important it is to use punctuation correctly. It features a basic list of common punctuation used in writing.

Punctuation Errors - This website features a list of some of the most common punctuation errors. It is an excellent review to ensure that you are not engaging in these bad habits.

Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes - A list of common grammar and punctuation mistakes that students often make is provided on this page.

Proofreading - Website features important information on proofreading your writing. It explains how to look for punctuation errors.


Developing writing skills is important for any high school student, especially if the student plans on pursing a college education. Developing skills while in high school will prepare students for college applications, for which they will be expected to write sample essays. A huge majority of college assignments also consist of writing, whether it is a science or literature class.

Librarian Tested Writing Skills - Step by step tips on writing a research paper.

ACT Sample Writing - Test prep information regarding the ACT writing sample.

Research Paper - An outline on how to write a high school research paper, it also has a list of links that should be helpful.

Kid’s Health: Writing Tips - This website features helpful tips on preparing to write an essay for school that is very kid-friendly. It features important information on dealing with paper writing stress and how to use online resources.

Editing and Revision Checklist - A detailed checklist is provided on this page with things to look for after completing an essay. This website is an excellent resource guide.

Literary Terms

Understanding literary terms will help students to achieve fluency. It will help them in their abilities to search for a deeper meaning while reading. Understanding literary terms will also help students in analyzing the literature and building creative writing skills. It will increase the enjoyment gained from reading a text.

Term List - This website features common high school literary terms and provides a definition for each one.

Understanding Literature - A very thorough list of literary terms that are essential to understanding high school literature.

Elements of Fiction - This website features definitions on several literary terms.

Interactive Reader – This is an interactive website featuring a story with literary elements that the student can select to gain further understanding.

Graphic Organizers - This website features graphic organizers for students to print out. These organizers can help students understand literary elements in a story.


Vocabulary is always an important skill that can be expanded upon. Increasing vocabulary will not only help students to score better on SAT or ACT tests, but it will increase their communication skills as well. Having a wide range of vocabulary will mean that they can understand complex texts and adequately express themselves through a variety of mediums, including writing, speaking and reading.

Vocabulary List – Browse this detailed list of high school vocabulary; ideal for examining college prerequisite vocabulary.

Studying Vocabulary - This website features tips for studying vocabulary words.

Learning Vocabulary - This website features three strategies for learning new vocabulary words and committing them to memory: flashcards, vocalizing, and writing.

SAT Vocabulary Words - Website features the top 100 most common vocabulary words featured on the SAT. It is an excellent study and reference guide.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an ongoing skill. It can be difficult for some to be effective and efficient readers. Many high school students have developed bad habits that inhibit them from understanding what they are reading. This is why it can be difficult for older students to focus on what they are reading.It is crucial that students examine common reading problems and follow advice and tips on how to improve reading comprehension.

Active Reader - Tips and guide to helping students become more effective and efficient readers. It helps address bad habits and explains how students can become more active readers.

Reading Assistance - This website features common problems that students may face: memory, selection, and falling behind. It offers advice and tips on how to help fix these problems.

Reading Faster and Comprehension - High school students are expected to read a lot of text in a short period of time. This article features helpful information on how to read quickly while still comprehending the text.

Reading Comprehension Strategies - A graphic organizer that can help students develop strategies to help them with their reading comprehension.

Fact Sheet - Detailed information on understanding what reading comprehension is and how it is developed.

Study Skill Strategies

Study skills strategies can help students improve grades and increase reading comprehension. Study skill strategies include time management, organization, and listening tips. All of these components are necessary for building study skills. Study skills are important for students who wish to pursue a college education where studying will be mandatory.

Study Skills - A kid-friendly website that features information on how to improve study skills and habits.

Study Skills for Learning Disabilities - This website features information on study skill strategies for students with learning difficulties: in-depth reading evaluations, creating questions on text, identifying problem areas.

Study Skill Resource - Information designed specifically for students entering high school. It features one dozen ways to improve studying skills, time management tips, and listening information.

High School Student Guidebook - This website features thorough tips and guidelines for developing successful studying skills. It includes step by step instructions on how to better manage time and become more organized.

Be a Better Student - This website features helpful information on time savers and the importance of setting up studying schedules.